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AINS Group had a year of record growth – with a 35% increase in turnover 

AINS Group’s turnover grew significantly in 2022 while the company’s profitability was satisfactory. With the range of services expanded to include industrial and building engineering and architectural design, the company is now a one-stop provider of all engineering and project management services for construction projects. 

In 2022, the Finnish construction engineering and consulting company AINS Group continued on a growth path, as defined in its strategy. The company’s turnover grew to 118 million euros, with an increase of 35.3% over the previous year. Overall, 25.1% of the growth was obtained through corporate acquisitions, and 10.2% came through organic growth.

‘In addition to acquisitions, we have also succeeded in organic growth, recruitment of staff, and customer service. Despite the challenging market situation in the construction industry, we experienced the best order intake in our history at the end of 2022. We will continue to recruit new experts in order to respond to customer demand,’ says AINS Group’s CEO, Kari Kauniskangas.

The profitability of the company was satisfactory. EBITDA totalled 9.4 million euros, and the operating margin was 7.9%.

‘Considering our growth rate and the time and costs required by several integrations, maintaining our level of profitability can be described as “holding our ground”. As a whole and in light of the goals set, the level was satisfactory,’ notes Kauniskangas.

Supported by the Finnish private equity firm Vaaka Partners, the group has been implementing an ambitious growth strategy since 2021, aiming to achieve an annual turnover of 200 million euros in five years. In 2022, a total of five engineering companies joined the AINS Group through acquisitions: the infrastructure engineering companies Plaana and Ponvia, and building engineering experts GHS Group, Airlon, and Silvea. The acquisitions reinforced the AINS Group’s organisation and position, particularly in Northern Finland.

Establishing the new Industrial and building engineering and Architectural design business divisions, and leading them further to a growth path were the most important development steps taken by the Group.

‘Our goal is to become a comprehensive, full-service engineering and consultancy partner for construction projects. The earlier we are involved in the project with our various areas of expertise, the more value we can provide the customer. By reducing interfaces between the various actors, we can reduce the effort and problems in purchasing and leading partners, and enable productivity leaps that arise from close, timely collaboration between the customer, designers and the contractor,’ Kauniskangas explains.

‘The market trend is such that an expert of a single design sector remains in the position of a subcontractor. We want to be one of the leading designers and the most desired partner in the eyes of our customers.

After the end of the financial period in early 2023, AINS Group established its sixth business division, which focuses on renovation engineering, and Kari Kauniskangas became the CEO of the company. The former CEO, Jyrki Keinänen, continues as the Group’s director in charge of international expansion.

Growth in Finland has continued through acquisitions. Early this year, the architecture firm Konkret, renovation engineering company Frontago and the structural design office J. Sund. joined the AINS Group through a series of corporate deals.

Making AINS Group’s environmental handprint visible

AINS Group also published its sustainability report for 2022 today. The company strives to take a central role in ensuring that sustainability is effectuated in its customers’ projects.

‘We start to measure our environmental handprint in all our larger projects. Measuring our handprint makes our engineers’ and team’s investment in sustainability visible with regard to, for instance, emission reduction and maintaining nature values, while at the same time, it spurs us forward as our customers’ sustainability experts,’ elaborates Kauniskangas. 

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'In addition to acquisitions, we have also succeeded in organic growth, recruitment of staff, and customer service.'

Kari Kauniskangas


  • Turnover: €118.0 million (a total that represents 35.3% growth over the previous year)
  • EBITDA: €9.4 million (7.9%)
  • Investments in innovation and product development: approximately €6 million (appr. 5% of the turnover)
  • Number of employees by the end of the year: 1,277 (FTE)
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): 59