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Condition surveys and inspections are the basis for good property and infrastructure management. Our survey services help you schedule repair work appropriately, determine the correct ways of implementing the required measures, and reduce repair costs.

We will help anticipate the effects of ageing and maintenance needs in buildings, roads, bridges and other structures by collecting and evaluating information: we will carry out basic condition surveys, condition reviews, hall assessments, external inspections, Technical Due Diligence reports and related laboratory analyses reliably and with extensive experience.

Surveys and inspections

Noise survey
Akustiset kuntotutkimukset ja katselmukset
Acoustical condition surveys and inspections
Kuntoarviot ja -tutkimukset
Condition surveys
Foundation surveys
Indoor air quality surveys
Rakennusten katsastukset
Building inspections
Ulkopuolinen tarkastus
External inspections
Technical Due Diligence
Technical Due Diligence
Teollisuuden päästömittaukset
Emission measurements