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Systematic management of acoustic conditions in various spaces and environments improves user satisfaction, increases well-being and enhances productivity, making it a cost-effective investment. We are experts in various fields of acoustics: architectural acoustics, soundproofing, and the control of noise, vibration and ground-borne noise.

We will be your acoustic expert all the way through project development and building permit stages to deployment of the building. We also design solutions for renovation and conversion sites where you want to change the use of the premises or improve the user experience. We carry out noise, vibration or ground-borne noise surveys related to land use plans, building permits and transport route projects, for instance.

Acoustical engineering is a process that continues throughout the construction project. Systematic management of sound conditions in different spaces strengthens user satisfaction with the sound environment and thus improves human well-being and work efficiency. Areas of acoustical engineering include room acoustics, sound insulation, noise control as well as vibration and frame noise control.

We carry out acoustic project development studies, sketch design, building permit phase planning, implementation planning and planning until the building is commissioned. We also design acoustic solutions for old buildings whose purpose is to be changed or the user experience improved, for example by reducing noise. We also offer a wide range of noise, vibration and frame noise studies, for example in connection with land use planning, building permits and road projects

Acoustical engineering

Akustiikan hankekehitysselvitykset
Acoustical project development surveys
Acoustical design
Noise survey
Tärinä ja runkomelu
Vibration and ground-borne noise
Akustiset mittaukset
Acoustical measurements
Akustiset kuntotutkimukset ja katselmukset
Acoustical condition surveys and inspections
Akustiset laskenta- ja asiantuntijapalvelut
Acoustical analysis and expert services
Industrial acoustics
Audiovisual design