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Repairing worn-out, obsolete, damaged or impractical parts increases the value of a building and extends its life cycle. We plan the repair work with expertise, paying careful attention to the conditions in the building and the needs of the users.

We serve as trusted partners for housing companies and property for structural engineering services for renovation and conversion projects. We perform renovation planning for buildings ranging from residential buildings to offices and industrial facilities, based on data and our solid expertise.

Renovation engineering

Korjausrakentamisen hankesuunnittelu
Renovation project planning
Plumbing and drainage renovation
Facade renovation
Suojeltujen ja arvorakennusten korjaussuunnittelu
Historically valuable buildings
Additional construction
Renovation engineering
Pää- ja arkkitehtisuunnittelu
Architectural and principal design
Infran ylläpitopalvelut
Infrastructure maintenance