A sustainable future is in our hands

At AINS Group, individuals play a huge role in the realisation of sustainability. Everything's based on a work community, in which people and the environment are appreciated. A community that inspires and gives everyone an opportunity to take concrete actions to promote a sustainable future.

We create tools via people and actions to build a sustainable living environment in a systematic way, to be measured in collaboration with stakeholders.


The three sub-areas of our sustainability programme – community, actions and impact – are crystallised into promises that we, as a company and work community commit to.

Green building council finland
We have signed the BuildingLife plan of action and are committed to working towards carbon neutral built environment for 2035.
Helsinki climate partners
We are a part of the city of Helsinki's Climate Partners Network – committed to advance the city's carbon neutral goals.
Ilmastokumppani Tampereen seutu 2030
We are pursuing a carbon neutral Tampere in collaboration with the Kestävä Tampere 2030 -programme.
Innostavimmat 2021
We have been acknowledged for a good employee experience as part of the work communities that took part in the PeoplePower study.
Gubbe kummi
We take part in the Gubbe godparent work, where a disadvantaged elder gets needed help and company every week.
Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015
We have certified our environmental management system that support systematic environmental leading in our three work branches.

OUR COMMUNITY is inspiring, enabling and appreciating of people and the environment.

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We treasure work well-being

Prosperous and motivated experts are our most important resource. That's why we do our all for the well-being of our employees. 

We want to offer a work community – equal, appreciative and inclusive – that takes the comprehensive well-being into account. The kind of a place where our experts feel at home and want to commit.

We measure the fulfillments of these goals yearly with an employee survey and the PeoplePower index. We aim for an excellent employee experience.


Committed to sustainable actions

We are committed to an appreciating work towards people and the environment. Along legislation we are guided and obligated by our own ethical principles and rules for ethical design and consultant businesses. We are also taking part in numerous goal-directed initiatives.


We blow the whistle when we need to

AINS Group offers a confidential channel for bringing forth malpractices and misconducts. Our employees, customers and stakeholders can use the Whistlebow-channel to anonymously bring forth possible abuse and get it addressed.

Proceed to the Whistleblow-channel


By the year of 2035 the built environment is carbon neutral. We have committed to this Green Building Council Finland's goal of the #BuildingLife project.


Our PeoplePower index in 2020. (AA, good)

Science Based Targets

Starting from 2022 we commit to the Science Based Targets initiative to control the global warming according to the Paris environmental agreement.

For me the AINS-attitude means sincerity, inspiration and helping others. The atmosphere makes it possible for everyone to be appreciated, listened to and understood.
Toni Liimatainen
construction manager
I can count on the work community's values to meet with my own, and I am allowed to perfect my work to where I want.
Elisa Lindqvist
low-carbon construction specialist

OUR ACTIONS can be seen in our increasing knowledge of sustainable development and in concrete, proactive actions.

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We develop our knowledge

In order to call ourselves an expert of construction and real estate we must constantly maintain and improve our professional knowledge.

Our sustainability programme especially aims to accumulate knowledge and understanding of environmental effects of the built environment, and to keep evaluating our procedures. 

Our goal is to know the environmental effects of our own actions and to find the ways to strengthen the positive ones even further.

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Taking care of the common good

Together with our employees, partners and stakeholders we want to take part in projects driving human rights and sustainable development locally, nationally and internationally. We are for example continuing our programme to employ disabled and handicapped people.

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Securing confidentiality

The work we do for our clients is often related to an investment project or other confidential plan. We are committed to securing our client's project and business information, as well as personal data carefully and reliably.

ISO 14001

The environmental systems of community and environmental design and construction were given certificates in 2021.

Employment programme

We have initiated a programme to employe disabled and handicapped people in co-operation with the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD) and Tampere's Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS).


In 2021, 97 % of our employees took part in the continuous HoxHunt information security training.

Learning new is essential in this job. That's why I constantly keep educating myself.
Marjaana Alanko
project engineer
By taking care of information security both our own and the client's valuable data – and reputation – is secured. Our role is to stay alert and use common sense.
Lauri Sahramaa

OUR IMPACT is seen in  environmentally sustainable, goal-directed and measurable construction together with our stakeholders.

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We design and build ecologically

Our construction consultants help with setting and reaching the environmental goals of a project. We also challenge our clients to set, conduct and reach environmental goals.

We are committed to carry out the carbon emission reduction, circular economy and the actions on nature's diversity in our customer's projects. Our aim is to measurably improve the positive and continuous hand print we leave on the environment.

We are the client's partner in every step of the project!

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Minimizing the environmental effects

We minimize the environmental effects of our own actions. Our own operations will be carbon neutral by the year 2024.

Wind power

We have transferred to using fossil-free electricity in all of our offices.

Carbon neutral by 2024

We will halve our carbon emissions and compensate the other half by the end of 2024.


We have established a way of measuring our environmental hand print and figured out the starting level of our actions.

This globe is meant to be left for our own descendants. I bike to work. It keeps me in good condition, saves money and is my good deed of the day.
Vesa-Ville Niemelin
project manager, team leader
I have the ability to reduce Finland's power consumption and cut down the carbon emissions. The affectivity of the work increases my motivation and makes me sure of the field I have chosen.
Anna-Maria Kolhinen
designer, hvac-engineering

We follow and report our sustainability

Our sustainability programme is not a project but a process. We continuously develop our work in  sustainability's terms and set new goals for the programme when the ones set before have been accomplished.
The realisation of our sustainability programme is guided by AINS Group's accountability and quality director together with a company liability group formed from different branches. The accountability and quality director reports to the corporate management. The sustainability report is published every year on this page.

Our experts

Liisa Jäätvuori
Liisa Jäätvuori

director of accountability and quality
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Jyrki Keinänen
Jyrki Keinänen

chief executive officer
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Silja Sarkamo
Silja Sarkamo

communications director
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