Päivi Annamaa ja Vesa Järvinen

Our civil engineering services expand to northern Finland – Plaana to become part of AINS Group

AINS Group is acquiring all the shares of the civil engineering company Plaana Ltd. By joining forces with this expert company from northern Finland, AINS Group strengthens its position as a nation-wide infrastructure engineering partner.

Known for its traffic, area, road and environmental engineering services, the civil engineering company Plaana will become part of AINS Group as a result of a corporate deal. This Oulu-based company with its 30-strong team is a major operator in northern Finland and has been involved as a designer in the Hailuoto Causeway alliance, for example.

Through the merger, AINS group expands its services in northern Finland from construction engineering and consultancy services to infrastructure engineering.

‘We will strengthen our capacity as a nationwide infrastructure engineering provider. Skilled and competent civil engineers are in high demand for the development of town structure and traffic planning in Finland. Together with Plaana, we form a strong expert partner that can offer services to clients anywhere in Finland, even for significant, large-scale infrastructure projects,’ says Senior Vice President Vesa Järvinen.

Established in 2001, Plaana offers expertise, clients and market areas that perfectly complement AINS Group’s existing area, traffic, road, street and environmental engineering services.

‘Joining forces with AINS Group gives us broader shoulders and boosts our reputation and draw as an engineering partner and employer alike. Agile operations will continue to be important to us and they will remain one of our standout qualities,’ explains Chair of the Board Päivi Annamaa.

Päivi Annamaa ja Vesa JärvinenPlaana’s Chair of the Board and future head of the Oulu unit Päivi Annamaa and Senior Vice President Vesa Järvinen. Picture: Kai Tirkkonen

Plaana’s engineering projects include National road 4 Hartola–Oravakivensalmi design-and-build project, road engineering for the improvement of the Martti-Sokli road, street and environmental construction engineering for the Vaakunakylä housing fair area in Oulu, and engineering work for Ring Road III.

As a result of the deal, Plaana will become AINS Group’s new civil and environmental engineering unt in Oulu, headed by Päivi Annamaa. All GHS Group’s experts will continue at AINS Group as existing employees, and the former owners will also continue their involvement in the company. Following the merger, AINS Group will employ nearly 200 civil and environmental engineers.

The deal was signed on 12 May 2022 and will take effect on 1 June 2022. The merger with AINS Group’s company A-Insinöörit Civil Oy is intended to take place in spring 2023, when Plaana will change its name to AINS Group. As a result of the acquisition of Plaana, AINS Group will also indirectly become the majority owner of Ponvia Oy, which specialises in bridge and aquatic structure engineering.

For further information, contact:
Vesa Järvinen, Senior Vice President, Civil and Environmental Engineering, AINS Group
Tel. +358 40 652 9898

Päivi Annamaa, Chair of the Board, Plaana – as of 1 June 2022, Head of Business Unit, AINS Group
Tel. +358 40 827 8608

"Together with Plaana, we will strengthen our capacity as a nationwide infrastructure engineering provider."

Vesa Järvinen
Senior Vice President,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
AINS Group



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  • Established in 2001, 30 employees
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