Does your startup make urban life more functional, sustainable, smarter or simply just better? We strive for the same goal!

BOOST – the A-Insinöörit startup program – is for you!

A-Insinöörit is a seasoned expert community inspired by projects that create new. For us there are no bad ideas.

Our startup program, supported by subsidiary AINS Ventures,  will connect your early-stage and later-stage startup with the

  • right clients
  • open-minded investors
  • real life projects
  • best practices
  • equity funding

You don’t have to be a proptech or built environment startup. We just expect you to be novel and bold.

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Jaakko Jauhiainen
Jaakko Jauhiainen

chief technology officer
+358 40 044 8913

”We connect you with the right clients, investors, projects and best practices.”

BOOST for startups – mechanisms of sustainable growth in AEC 31.8.2021

Watch a BOOST for startups – mechanisms of sustainable growth in AEC panel discussion on how established organizations and corporate venturing can accelerate innovations and boost startups in the AEC industry and why is it in fact vital – to the people, businesses and the industry. Here is the link to the stream recording.

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