We are committed to develop the environmental responsibility in a goal-oriented way.
AINS Group

Quality and the environment

Motivated, enthusiastic and healthy employees are our most important asset that contributes to quality and continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

Our project activities and their development is based on audited quality systems and experts specialised in improving quality.

In areas of structural engineering and construction management, our operations and their development are steered by quality systems with Construction Quality Association RALA’s quality certificate.

Our environmental and civil engineering services are produced and developed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. The business sector’s international quality system covers all of its engineering, consulting and other expert services, and it is audited by DQS. In addition, the sector’s environmental management system is ISO 14001-certified.

Quality policy

AINS Group’s quality policy is to produce value for its customers through expertise. Our objective is to meet or exceed the goals set together with the customer, both regarding the result itself and the process needed to attain it.

We comply with the principles of the quality policy in a sustainable manner from an economic, social and environmental perspective. We act ethically and transparently, and we keep our promises. We are committed to continuously developing our operations.

Environmental policy

We are committed to the goal-oriented development of an environmentally responsible approach. Our aim is to be a pioneering builder of a carbon-neutral society.

We comply with the environment protection obligations and regulations imposed by authorities and our customers. We also understand our opportunities that exceed the requirements to impact on the cleanliness, safety, and ecological sustainability of built environments.

Our impact is visible throughout the entire building life cycle wherever we act as experts, and it arises from our own practices and the result of our customers’ projects.

We proactively help our customers to meet environmental objectives. Motivated employees with a passionate approach to their work are the most important asset in applying and developing environmental responsibility.

Environmental targets in our sustainability programme

We are committed to: the continuous improvement of environmental systems to raise the level of environmental protection. The goals and indicators for the development of our environmental sustainability are set in our sustainability programme.

This programme also includes several quality-related focus areas, such as staff well-being and the continuous development of our expertise.

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As a member of FIBS, we are involved in the active development of our sustainability activities.

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  • Construction management (A-Insinöörit Rakennuttaminen Oy): Construction Quality Association RALA’s quality certificate and RALA proficiency
  • Structural engineering (A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy): Construction Quality Association RALA’s quality certificate
  • Civil Engineering (A-Insinöörit Civil Oy): ISO9001:2015 certification


  • Civil Engineering (A-Insinöörit Civil Oy): ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate
  • Construction management (A-Insinöörit Rakennuttaminen Oy): ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate
  • Structural engineering (A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy): ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate
CIV-ympäristösertifikaatti ISO-1400

Our Divisions environmental management systems are audited and certified by DQS.

AINS Group is a member of the Green Building Council (GBC).

AINS Group is a member of the Green Building Council (GBC). As a member of the network, we promote carbon neutrality, circular economy and sustainable business solutions in the property and construction industry.

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