Lighting of Tammerkoski

Lighting of Tammerkoski

Designed for a unique rapids and factory milieu in the centre of Tampere, the lighting covers the area of the middle centre from Näsijärvi to Pyhäjärvi.

Lighting of Tammerkoski , commissioned by the City of Tampere, was fully completed in 2020 and covers more than one kilometre of rapids running from Vuolteensilta to Neulapato. The illuminated ensemble includes the rapids walls and baths, the central power plant and the fall, the façades of the rapids, among others. Finlayson and Tampella area as well as bridges. 

Partners  of the City of Tampere have been responsible for lighting design by A-Insinöörit, as well as the electrical and lighting designers of WhiteNight Lightning.

The control system, located in a central power plant and remotely managed, covers the entire landscape lighting along the route. The power station and the falls in Hämeensilta-bridge are almost the only places that utilize colour lights and special effects. It is also possible to incorporate the entire landscape lighting into events, which has been utilized, for example, during the opening of the Week of Light.




Tampereen kaupunki


Lighting design


LIT Lighting Design Award, 2022



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