Red Bull toimisto, Helsinki

Red Bull toimisto, Helsinki

We designed new office premises for Red Bull Finland. The office is located in Leipätehdas, which is an old converted bread factory in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Facilities at the office include conference rooms, an employee’s break gallery, social facilities and storage spaces, as well as a comfortable lounge with a Red Bull bar.

The office space is divided into public and private areas. In the more public spaces, like the lobby bar and the coffee room, both the clients and the employees can socialize freely. The meeting rooms are located close to the lounge and the more private workspaces for different teams are found on the calmer side by the corridor. Apart from the usual work desks, each office room has also a more casual seating group for team meetings and laid back working.

One of the design objectives was to honor the atmosphere of the old factory property. To maintain an industrial feel, the original concrete floor was left visible. Together with the concrete flooring, glass and black painted metal have been used as the main materials. The industrial look has been counterbalanced with oak, furniture linoleum, and various lively textiles and upholstery.

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