Protective measures against the coronavirus at AINS Group

AINS Group takes proactive measures to ensure the safety of its staff, customers and other people. We work remotely in line with recommendations, pay attention to social distancing and favour remote meetings.

AINS Group is taking active, predictive measures to ensure the health of our employees, customers and collaboration partners, and to prevent the virus from spreading.

Our guidelines and practices are based on the instructions and recommendations issued by hospital districts, the government and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

  • We work remotely in accordance with regional recommendations. We have implemented technical solutions that enable our design and project staff to work from home.
  • We only come to AINS Group’s offices and project offices when we are healthy. Our safety guidelines provide safe practices for working at the office, for example with regard to keeping a safe distance to others, taking care of good hand hygiene, and keeping contacts to a minimum by working primarily with our own team, unit or group. We recommend using a face mask at the office and meetings.
  • We hold our meetings with customers and within the company via remote connections whenever possible. Face-to-face meetings are permitted when recommendations related to safe distances and hand hygiene can be adhered to.
  • We do not participate in events or seminars with more than 10 people. Our own larger events scheduled for this autumn will be either streamed or postponed.
  • We offer masks to our employees for journeys to and from work.
  • We look after our employees’ health by ensuring low-threshold testing.

Our preparedness group actively monitors the coronavirus situation and related recommendations. If the coronavirus outbreak leads to any changes in our services or deliveries, we will inform our customers and contract partners directly.

We strive to ensure that project work and customer assignments continue as normally as possible under these exceptional circumstances. Read more: Our managing director’s blog on the impact of the pandemic on management and collaboration

For further information, contact:
Your project’s contact person or senior vice presidents or heads of business units.

Elina Haapasaari, HR Director
tel. +358 50 367 7188