AINS Group

Vision and mission

Our mission, as a design and consulting engineering partner, is to help our customers succeed in their projects through committed collaboration and by recognising the best building solutions.

Our task is to help the customer succeed and to find the best building solutions together, for each and every project.

This requires a passionate approach to each project and boldly applying our knowledge in our respective fields of expertise. We deliver what we promise, and exceed expectations.

Together and better in construction projects

According to our vision, success is built together. For us, this means not only a successful outcome of a construction project, but listening, proactivity, and mutual innovation on the way there. Our values ‘together and better’ are also based on doing things together and supporting each other.

Safe and pleasant built environments that promote well-being are created by working and succeeding together.

How did we succeed as your partner?

To understand how we succeeded as a project partner, we carry out a customer satisfaction survey each year and collect feedback during projects.

Our customers’ willingness to recommend us is among the best in the construction field (NPS 56 in 2019). If you will get an feedback request from us, we are happy if you reply it!

”They are always searching for solutions for the customer’s benefit.”
Customer survey 2019

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