The AINS Group’s construction management services granted the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate

The AINS Group’s Construction Management Division has been granted the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate. A certified environmental management system supports the environmental expertise of construction management consultants and experts and promotes commitment to the principles of low-carbon construction.

In the Construction Management Division, the core of the ISO 14001 environmental management system is formed by the carbon footprint management of built environments – the operating model for low-carbon construction management – which has been integrated into all its services.
The environmental management system guides operations in the direction of continuous improvement, for example, with regard to expertise related to carbon emission and circular economy solutions and the promotion of an active environmental approach and positive carbon footprint in customers’ construction projects.

We are among the first construction management companies to have its services environmentally certified. Rather than taking the easy route, we have set ourselves the ambitious target of bearing responsibility for the achievement of our customers’ environmental targets. Our professionals have already shown expertise and engagement on every level, explains senior vice president Juhani Karhu. Read more: The AINS Group’s sustainability programme

In audits, the AINS Group’s construction managers were praised for implementing environmental management principles in project operations and promoting expertise and engagement in low-carbon construction among the personnel.

The AINS Group’s ISO 14001 environmental management systems were audited and certified by DQS.

The AINS Group’s Construction Management Division is one of Finland’s largest construction management service suppliers. The division employs 200 professionals in the management of building projects - professionals who are on hand to support our customers with their projects every step of the way. 

For further information, contact:
Liisa Jäätvuori, chief sustainability officer, AINS Group
tel. +358 40 300 1358

Juhani Karhu, senior vice president, construction management, AINS Group
tel. +358 40 593 3783

The ISO 14001 environmental management system promotes the systematic consideration of environmental impacts and enhances the level of environmental protection in projects.

"The AINS Group’s construction management services are also characterised by an active approach and continuous improvement with regard to environmental management."

Juhani Karhu,
Senior Vice President
AINS Group