Teemu Laurila appointed head of the nuclear waste management unit

Teemu Laurila, Doctor of Science (Technology), will take over as the head of AINS Group’s nuclear waste management unit at the beginning of March. The appointment is designed to strengthen the unit’s ability to meet changing customer needs.

As an internationally recognised certificate, ISO 9001:2015 complements the national RALA certification granted to AINS Group and supports project expertise that the company has become known for the world over.

Teemu Laurila, Doctor of Science (Technology), who is a physicist, will take the helm of AINS Group’s nuclear waste management services on 1 March 2019. With extensive experience in customer projects in the field under his belt, Laurila has a strong background in expert and project management tasks. Prior to his appointment, Laurila worked as a team leader.

In Finland, we have navigated our way through the long research and permit processes, acting as international pioneers in creating a sustainable solution. This provides us with a strong foundation for offering our services globally, while building new partnerships with Finnish customers, explains Laurila.

Jorma Autio, the former head of the business unit, will offer his support to his successor during the transition period.

The nuclear waste management unit is part of AINS Group’s Civil Engineering Division.

Over the years, the nuclear waste management unit has developed into an exceptional expert team, which is unique on a global level. In the future, having such expertise and the ability to recognise customer needs will become increasingly important, says Vesa Järvinen, Senior Vice President for Civil Engineering.

Multi-disciplinary team with more than 30 top experts

The nuclear waste management unit employs more than 30 top experts who are specialised in technical design, research and safety assessment, along with material management in the fields of interim storage and repositories.

The unit also has its own laboratory, run by staff with strong expertise in conducting material analysis and performance tests on the design solutions. The laboratory team offers world-class expertise, particularly in fields related to the testing and quality control of clay materials used to backfill repository openings.


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