Global AI in AEC conference arrives in Helsinki

Global AI in AEC conference arrives in Helsinki

The AI in AEC conference, organised by Finns, will bring together construction AI experts from around the world to Helsinki on 20-21 March 2024. 

For the first time, the event will be physically organised and will attract participants from 34 countries and speakers from 22 countries. The event is organised by Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL in collaboration with industry players. AINS Group has been involved in supporting the event since its inception.

The AI in AEC conference (Artificial Intelligence in Architecture, Engineering and Construction), which has been held virtually until now, will bring together architects, designers and builders for the first time on 20-21 March 2024 in Paasitorni, Helsinki.

Now in its fourth year, the event has kept pace with the development of AI and has established itself as a global promoter of AI in the construction industry.

"The story of our conference began in 2018, just a year after Google researchers published a paper on the neural networks that revolutionised the development of AI", says Vesa Järvinen, the event's primus motor and chairman of the programme committee and executive vice president of AINS Group.

"The conference highlights Finland's importance as a pioneer in the construction sector. The interest and scope has grown every year."

The conference is organised by RIL ry, and this year it is also supported by the Association of Finnish Architects ATL, the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction CIB, the City of Helsinki, the Finnish Construction Industry RT and the Finnish Architects' Association SAFA.

AINS Group has been one of the sponsors of the event since its inception, and its AI experts will be present again this year.

"With the help of the events, we bring international experts to Finland and at the same time offer Finnish experts visibility in the international arena", says Ville Raasakka, who is responsible for RIL's events and training.

Read more about the programme on the AI in AEC 2024 website.

Further information:
Vesa Järvinen, excecutive vice president, AINS Group
tel. +358 40 652 9898

"The conference highlights Finland's importance as a pioneer in the construction sector."

Vesa Järvinen
chairman of the programme committee, executive vice president
AINS Group