AINS Civil Engineering joins the building of Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel

AINS Civil Engineering joins the building of Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel.

AINS Civil Engineering has joined a consortium that plans to build a fast underwater train connection between Helsinki and Tallinn. FinEst Bay Area Helsinki-Tallinn Tunnel would create a new metropolitan of two million people at the heart of the Baltic Sea area, connecting the leading technology and business hubs. The other members in the consortium are Pöyry, Fira and FinEst Bay Area Development. The members of the consortium have the latest know-how in underground structures, construction management and the use of digital tools and platforms in construction.

 We want to put all our effort into this project. The aim is to create a metropolis of the future, enabling the residents and visitors a totally new way to live, study and work, says Timo Saanio, Vice President, Export & Customer relations, AINS Civil Engineering.

AINS Civil Engineering has a proven track record of implementing new technologies and different solutions in underground structures and construction, and now, our know-how in this area is top-notch in the world. One of our recent projects is the Tampere Tunnel: the project was carried out in budget and faster than estimated, Saanio continues.

The new Helsinki-Tallinn metropolitan area creates a business hub of over two million people. The outstanding location in the heart of Eurasia also attracts more investments from Asia and China, enabling fast economic growth.

 We have discussed the possibility of building a tunnel between the two cities for over two decades. In the summer 2016, the idea got on track when Peter Vesterbacka and the consortium started the cooperation, Saanio describes.

Once built, the tunnel will be the world’s longest tunnel for commute and commercial transport. The track of 100 kilometers under the sea offers its passengers a fast connection between four new stations: Tallinn airport, NewIsland, OtaKeila and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

The FinEst Bay Area Helsinki-Tallinn Tunnel will be designed for high-speed trains and the commute from Tallinn Airport to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport will take altogether 20 minutes. The new districts around the stations will be developed to support future economic growth with services and housing construction.

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Timo Saanio, Vice President, Export & Customer relations, AINS Civil Engineering
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Picture: Tero Vanhanen, Fira Group