Töölöntori, Helsinki

Töölöntori, Helsinki

Konkret (part of AINS Group) has prepared the reference plan for the development of Töölöntori (Töölö square) in collaboration with Helsinki city and WSP. The plan is based on Konkret’s winning proposal “Two to One” for the Töölöntori architectural competition held in 2019 .

The plan aims to revitalise the culturally significant Töölöntori market square into a new inviting urban space. The square’s functionality will be improved and the organisation of traffic made clearer. Lighting, planting and surface materials will be unified. Space will be created for walking, urban greenery and the functions of the market. A new elegant wooden market hall has been designed in keeping with the scale of the square, making all-year-round diverse use possible. It will be located on the eastern edge of the square, while the outdoor market will remain in the square in front of the market hall.

Summer events and concerts as well as winter activities such as ice-skating will be possible within the accessible square. A fountain will be placed in the centre of the square. Illuminated low steps and planting containers will be placed along its edges.

East-west views will be opened out over Runeberginkatu. Accessibility of ground floor business premises will be improved and the square’s current appearance of a collection of different functions will be removed. Tykistönkatu will be pedestrianised and accessible only to service traffic. Sandelsinkatu’s footpath will be extended in front of its ground floor businesses.

Development of the square will proceed in stages. The plans take into account future connecting of street level structures to underground rail transport structures.


Architecture firm Konkret: https://konkret.fi/





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