Plan of measures for Kempelentie

Plan of measures for Kempelentie

The design aims to design the road through the centre of Kempele to be central streetwise, linking the new residential areas of Ollaka and Asemandistrict and improving the flow of traffic through additional construction projects in the central centre. The availability of the market area related to the area was considered.

The work examined transport solutions with different options:

comparisons of rotary interfaces and light-control interfaces based on traffic calculations, network options for pedestrian and cycling paths and baana, as well as public transport placement. Street space sizing, plantings, surface materials presented in the Master Plan for Transport and Environment. A pair of bus stops with canopies were positioned as an entry gate to the centre, as well as a highlighted connection area between the future housing estate and the city centre. The circular interface was presented paved to join the look of downtown streets and serve as a run-in.

From the options, cost estimates were calculated

The project was commissioned by the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY Centre, in the steering group closely involved in the Kempele Municipal Zoning.




Pohjois-Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus


Street planning, Road planning