Renovation of the spire of the Finnish National Museum

Renovation of the spire of the Finnish National Museum

Project planning for the renovation of the iconic spire of the Finnish National Museum, designed by architects Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen, began in 2015, and the actual works started in 2016. The building is protected under the city plan as well as the Government decree on the protection of state-owned buildings (480/1985).  The natural stone facades were renovated throughout: stones were removed, the brick frame beneath the building was repaired and ventilation was added. Finally, each stone was reinstalled in its original position. In addition, the interior spaces and balconies of the spire were renovated, windows and doors were reconditioned, and the surroundings of the main entrance including the decorative soapstone features were restored. The project also involved the updating of the emergency exit routes from the spire, allowing for public guided tours to be extended to the spire.






Project planning, Project and construction management


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