Iittala frame, Hämeenlinna

Iittala frame, Hämeenlinna

Work continued to complete the Iittala formula body and completed replenishments and upgrades in line with the objectives. The plan frame area comprised the central area of the city of Hämeenlinna, Iittala. The purpose of the plan frame work was to serve as a vision for land use in the development of Iittala, a centrist area and changes in the city plan. The plan plan identified new areas of housing and business, main routes for walking and cycling, and took into account the development of tourism. During the planning frame work, the site zoned but not yet realized residential construction sites were identified. In addition, replenishment reviews of single-family houses and townhouses were prepared for a few residential block areas


Iittala, Hämeenlinna


Hämeenlinnan kaupunki


Land use planning