AX-Consulting (AX-Suunnittelu Oy) to become part of AINS Group

The engineering group AX-Consulting which specialises in building, environmental and process technology, is merging with AINS Group as the result of a corporate deal. With the merger, AINS Group strengthens its expertise in the field of building services and industrial engineering.

AINS Group, an engineering and consultancy service provider for the real estate and construction industry, is expanding its operations by acquiring the Tampere-based AX-Consulting. The companies that belong to AX-Consulting group will form a new industrial and building technology division in AINS Group. The deal was signed on 16 November 2021.

− In line with our strategy, this merger takes us towards our goal of being a service provider that covers the entire value chain in the real estate and construction sector. Thanks to the deal, we can strengthen our building technology services and complement our service range with industrial process engineering services. In addition, AX-Consulting brings with it strong expertise in environmental engineering, which helps us improve our environmental handprint. We will be able to assist our customers more extensively in the achievement of their low- and zero-carbon targets, says AINS Group’s CEO Jyrki Keinänen.

AX-Consulting comprises AX-LVI Consulting Ltd (AX-LVI Oy), which specialises in HVAC, automation, environmental and safety technology services and industrial emission measurements, and AX-Process Ltd (AX-Prosessit Oy), which carries our process and energy technology engineering. Established in 1993, the group employs almost 100 people and it has forged strong customer relationships, particularly in industrial and healthcare sectors.

− Our areas of expertise complement one another, as attested to by our earlier joint projects. We will bring new building technology and industrial expertise to AINS Group, and being part of AINS Group will open doors to larger projects and nationwide operations for us, says AX-LVI Consulting Ltd’s managing director Sasu Karkiainen, who will act as the senior vice president of the new industrial and building services division.

− We will be able to offer comprehensive services with an outstanding level of expertise to industrial companies to assist them in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of plant projects.

Joint projects carried out by AX-Consulting and AINS Group include the refurbishment of Tampere University Hospital, the NA4 CHP power plant project in Naantali, which was realised by the Polte Alliance and selected as the Worksite of Year in 2016, Järvenpää’s social and health service centre, which received recognition for its data modelling, the University of Tampere’s Arvo 2 building and the Ollikka heating centre of Tampere’s electricity plant.

− We share the same values. Appreciation of personnel, high-quality work, and bespoke and agile services, which cover aspects such as working to the customer’s schedule, will remain as our selling points, says AX-Process Ltd’s managing director Jarmo Hellstedt, who will continue as the director of energy and process engineering.

All of AX-Consulting´s employees will continue at AINS Group as existing employees. The former owners will also remain part of the operations.

For the time being, the operations will carry on under the name AX-Consulting. After a transition period, the AX companies will be fused to form a new division called A-Insinöörit Teollisuus- ja talotekniikka Oy. The goal is to complete this process in summer 2022.

For further information, contact:
Jyrki Keinänen, CEO, AINS Group
Tel. +358 40 662 5662

Sasu Karkiainen, Managing Director, AX-LVI Consulting Ltd
Tel. +358 50 525 4634

Jarmo Hellstedt, Managing Director, AX-Process Ltd
Tel. +358 40 0623 831 

'In line with our strategy, this merger takes us towards our goal of being a service provider that covers the entire value chain in the real estate and construction sector.'

Jyrki Keinänen
AINS Group