AINS Group’s nuclear waste management and laboratory operations to Mitta Group

The Mitta Group has procured expert services in nuclear waste management along with the related laboratory operations that also serve the rest of the construction industry from the AINS Group. The asset purchase was completed on 28 February 2022.

After the deal, Mitta’s extensive service offering will include the design of nuclear waste repositories, long-term safety as well as clay barriers and backfills.

A total of 22 professionals from the AINS Group will be transferred to Mitta. They are world-leading experts in the design of nuclear waste repositories and technical emission barriers, as well as long-term safety. The special laboratory expertise comprises materials research at demanding construction sites.

Nuclear waste management-related research and design expertise requires the right kind of networks and international forums. It was not a core business of the AINS Group. For us, Mitta is a well-known and relied upon operator that can offer the best possible platform for growth for the experts, explains AINS Group Senior Vice President Vesa Järvinen.

Mitta and the AINS Group share a long history and have solid joint experience in nuclear waste repository solutions. The Mitta Group has experts in the same field who have co-operated with the transferring personnel. An international forum, an extensive mutual network and specific expertise will create synergies. Our customers will gain deeper expertise and more versatile solutions in nuclear waste management also outside the Nordic countries, shares a delighted Aki Puska, CEO of Mitta.

In Sweden, Mitta’s experts in nuclear waste management operate in a company called Clay Technology AB.

We want to offer the experts with rare, unique expertise an opportunity to develop and be inspired with us, Puska continues.

The assets purchase will further strengthen Mitta’s laboratory operations, particularly in southern Finland. The staff will operate under a private company called Mitta Engineering Oy, an entity fully owned by the Mitta Group.

For further information, contact:

Aki Puska, CEO, Mitta Group
Tel. +358 40 568 3490

Vesa Järvinen, Senior Vice President, AINS Group
Tel. +358 40 652 9898

Mitta Group is an internationally operating surveying and field research consulting company founded in 1989 in Finland, with extensive operations in the construction value chain. Mitta is the market industry leader in Finland and Sweden, and its business divisions focus on surveying, laboratory, and geotech services, as well as environmental and monitoring services. The Mitta Group employs nearly 500 professionals in more than 30 locations in Finland and Sweden. 

'We want to offer the experts with rare, unique expertise an opportunity to develop and be inspired with us.'

Aki Puska
Mitta Group