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The beauty of underground engineering is that you can build almost anything below ground level. With our unique bedrock, expertise in underground construction in Finland is among the best in the world, and the AINS Group is one of the leading experts in underground projects.

Our experts will help you manage your underground projects all the way from the initial vision to a project plan and final use. Our design services based on solid geo- and rock engineering expertise will help you to secure safe and user-oriented solutions, whether your project involves building a new city tunnel or converting existing spaces for new uses.

Underground engineering

Maanalaisten tilojen hankekehitys
Underground project development
Maanalaisten tilojen pää- ja  arkkitehtisuunnittelu
Architectural and principal design
Maanalaisten tilojen korjaussuunnittelu ja käyttötarkoituksen muutokset
Refurbishment and conversions
Maanalaisten tilojen rakennesuunnittelu
Underground structural engineering