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Comprehensive industrial construction engineering for different fields. AINS Group helps you to modernise and optimise your energy production and energy distribution engineering, process engineering, industrial HVAC engineering and process automation. 

You'll get all the needed engineering services diversely with a customer and solution oriented approach. By automating the different processes you'll ensure the seamless co-operation and cost-effective access between different systems and production stages.

Industrial construction engineering

Hankkeen johtaminen ja rakennuttaminen
Project and construction management
Analyysipalvelut FEM ja CFD
Technical analysis FEM and CFD
Tekninen laskenta - tutkimus ja tuotekehitys
Research and development
Teollisuushankkeiden rakennesuunnittelu
Industrial engineering
Rakennustuotteiden tuotetestaus ja analyysit
Construction product testing
Energy production and energy distribution engineering
Process engineering
Process automation
Kylmätekninen suunnittelu
Refrigreration engineering
Teollisuuden päästömittaukset
Emission measurements
Teollisuuden LVI-suunnittelu
Industrial HVAC design