AINS Group and Collaprime bring a unique virtual environment to the World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2018 event organized at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki 11.-12. September.  The event brings the experts on infrastructure and built environment together.

AINS Group and Collaprime have combined the best practices of virtual reality, high technology and project management. The outcome is a virtual decision-making environment, enabling lean project management and smooth planning. This new virtual environment brings together people, knowledge and project management know-how not bound by time or space.

The solution showcases a new dimension to project management and decision making. All relevant and critical information is available and accessible in the virtual reality environment simultaneously for different parties: e.g. for project leaders and investors. Virtual environment enables real-time cooperation between the project team members anytime in all project phases.

Event: World Summit on Digital Built Environment

Where: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

When: 11.-12.9.2018


“The cooperation of AINS Group and Collaprime combines industry-leading project management knowledge and virtual reality high technology. The outcome is a unique working environment for even the most demanding projects and virtual teams”, describes Jaakko Jauhiainen, Technology Director of AINS Group.

Technology drives the fast development of project management, decision making, and planning

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Our virtual environment has increased the commitment of the project team and improved the quality of decision making. VR, three-dimensionality, and visuality make the project plans more concrete and understandable”, says Tony Lindqvist, CEO of Collaprime.

We welcome you to experience the latest high technology solution for built environment!

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More information about the virtual decision making and working environment

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