Finding a safe way to dispose of nuclear waste from reactor sites is a challenge that must be faced by all countries with a nuclear power programme. Finnish expertise in nuclear waste management is unparalleled throughout the world. AINS Group, VTT and Rusatom Service have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote the export of nuclear infrastructure and training to international markets.

AINS Group offers global solutions for the safe, long-term disposal of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. The memorandum of understanding signed in May with VTT and Rusatom Service opens up a wider network to further enhance the export of AINS Group’s nuclear expertise.

“The expertise of AINS Group in nuclear waste management is unparalleled throughout the world, but as a relatively small player we’re seeking strong partnerships for international cooperation. We want to expand our network in many directions across the globe and we see the cooperation with Rusatom Service as an excellent opportunity”, tells Timo Saanio, Export Director, AINS Group.

The Memorandum of Understanding focuses mainly on cooperation through different training opportunities. AINS Group already offers extensive bespoke training in nuclear waste management to professionals from different countries. The team at AINS Group is primed to scale its training offering globally, whilst continuing to offer a tailored approach to the training needs of every customer.

AINS Group has gained its experience and knowhow in nuclear waste management through the design of several long-term disposal facilities in different countries. References include the ONKALO disposal facility in Olkiluoto, which will be ready to accommodate spent nuclear fuel starting from the 2020’s. This state-of-the-art repository is the first long-term disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel and the result of four decades of geological investigations, design efforts and long-term safety case work.

“Building a nuclear power facility is a huge investment both from an economical and ecological point of view.  That’s why each country producing nuclear energy should have a plan to educate their nuclear power professionals and to develop a solution for their nuclear waste. At present, there is large variability in the level of knowhow across different countries. Some countries are pressing ahead with laws and regulations on the management of nuclear waste, whilst for others, nuclear waste lies in temporary storage, with long-term solutions for its safe disposal clearly lacking”, Saanio explains.

Compared with other countries, Finland has made exceptional advances in developing proven solutions for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Saanio states that: “The international community of nuclear experts are aware of Finland and the knowhow we have developed in nuclear waste management. At AINS Group we are willing to share our expertise with others in the industry.  We have been engaged in various projects tackling the challenges of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel since as early the 1970’s.”

Rusatom Service is a subsidiary of Rosatom, a state-owned nuclear company, which specializes in the maintenance and servicing of VVER-type reactors. Through export of training services, Rusatom helps to build up the administrative and regulatory frameworks for the deployment of nuclear power in countries where there is no previous experience of nuclear technology.

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Timo Saanio

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