Protective measures against the coronavirus at AINS Group

AINS Group has implemented protective measures in response to the coronavirus outbreak. As a work community we are complying with the guidelines issued by the Finnish authorities and adjusting our procedures in line with the state of emergency. Our employees are working remotely, and we hold meetings via remote connections whenever possible.

AINS Group is taking active, predictive measures to ensure the health of our employees, customers, and collaboration partners and to prevent the virus from spreading. We strive to ensure that project work and customer assignments continue as normally as possible under these exceptional circumstances.

We are implementing our protective measures in line with the guidelines and recommendations issued by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), other authorities, and industry organisations such as SKOL and Rakli.

  • We hold our meetings with customers and within the company via remote connections whenever possible.
  • Our employees work remotely if their tasks permit this. We have implemented technical solutions that enable our design and project staff to work from home. The company has introduced flexible work arrangements in response to school closures and other family-related considerations.
  • Any employee who has returned from abroad or will soon do so works remotely for two weeks. For the time being, we are not initiating any travel abroad.
  • We are not participating in any large events currently, and involvement in any smaller ones will be decided upon via careful consideration. The company’s events scheduled for this spring will either be streamed online or postponed.
  • Employees are welcome on AINS Group’s office and project premises only if they are free from symptoms. We pay special attention to hand hygiene, and we comply with the THL recommendations in our interaction with others.
  • We are monitoring the situation closely, and each day our preparedness team decides on any new measures needed. If the coronavirus outbreak leads to any changes in our services or deliveries, we will inform our customers and contract partners directly.

We do our utmost to ensure that the collaboration with our customers and partners grows even stronger, even though circumstances are affecting interaction between people.

For further information, contact your project’s contact person at AINS Group or the head of the relevant business units or divisions.