The operations of AINS Group’s new Civil Engineering division, launched at the beginning of 2018, will be centralized in a single company under the name A-Insinöörit Civil Oy from 31 August 2018 onward.

“We bring together the top experts in the field. To you – our customers – this means a more extensive range of services within the same name,” says Vesa Järvinen, Senior Vice President, AINS Group.

The new company employs over 150 civil engineers. After the arrangement, A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy, which A-Insinöörit Civil Engineering branch was previously part of, will specialize in construction engineering. After 31 August 2018, Saanio & Riekkola Oy, which offers underground structure design and nuclear waste management, is also providing expert services under the name A-Insinöörit Civil Oy.

The contracts, projects and references of A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy`s Civil Engineering branch will be assigned to A-Insinöörit Civil Oy. Personnel will continue at A-Insinöörit Civil Oy as old employees.

In the Finnish capital region, the A-Insinöörit Civil Oy premises will be at Bertel Jungin aukio 9, 02600 Espoo, Finland. Other locations will remain as they were.

We wish you a successful year of co-operation!

Vesa Järvinen, Senior Vice President +358 40 652 9898
Timo Saanio, Export & Customer Relations +358 40 506 5671