The Finnish Tunnelling Association (MTR-FTA) has elected AINS Group’s Max Pihlström as Finland’s Young Tunneller 2019.

Max Pihlström, who is currently working as Design engineer under AINS Group’s Civil Engineering business area in rock engineering services, graduated last year from Aalto University, upon finalizing his master’s programme in Geoengineering – Rock Engineering, and represents a new generation of rock engineers.

– I’m interested in developing large entities, where various planning sectors come together and the working environment is based on Building Information Modeling, Pihlström says.. Before his academic studies at Aalto University, Max Pihlström studied infrastructure construction at Metropolia. What attracted him to underground construction was the Länsimetro project.

Success in large rock engineering projects

At AINS Group, Pihlström has shown his skills in several projects of both new building and renovation engineering, including, for example, Tampere Tunnel, Länsimetro extension (from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti) and the T2A extension at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

– Max is a skilled professional, who aims to become constantly better and always gives a helping hand to others. This acknowledgement was awarded to the right person, Department Manager Paula Pohjanperä compliments. As Finland’s Young Tunneller 2019, Max Pihlström will participate in the World Tunnel Congress WTC event in Naples, from 5th to 8th of May, 2019.

Finland’s Young Tunneller is elected by the Board of MTR-FTA. The Finnish Tunnelling Association brings together the professionals from the field of underground rock construction in Finland. Constructing spaces underground is a global trend that is currently getting stronger. Finnish operators are among the leading stars in this international field.

More information:
Max Pihlström, rock engineering
tel. +358 20 791 1598