AINS Group and Finnish power utility company Fortum have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide extensive joint Finnish services for safe management of Low and intermediate level (LILW) radioactive waste in China.

The Chinese nuclear industry is rapidly expanding. As China becomes increasingly mindful of environmental integrity and reducing fossil fuels, this zero-carbon nuclear energy solution requires enhanced focus on radioactive waste management. Finnish expertise has an important role in disposing of Chinese radioactive waste and building a cleaner future together with shared respect for nature and the environment.

Finnish NPP operators are at the leading edge of waste management. They were the first ones in the world constructing the final repository for spent nuclear fuel and by running the underground disposal facilities for low and intermediate waste since 1990’s.

Fortum owns and operates the nuclear power plant in Loviisa (about 80 kilometres east of Helsinki) with its own underground disposal facility for radioactive waste coming from the plant. Eventually, this facility will also take all the decommissioning waste from the power plant when it is dismantled after final shut down. Fortum has designed and constructed the facility, and AINS Group participated in the design of this facility.

AINS Group Nuclear Waste Management (previously Saanio & Riekkola) initially started the design of LILW facilities in a project by the request of Finnish nuclear power utility TVO in the late 1970’s. This repository has been in operation since 1992. They have also successfully designed the much larger facility in Wolsong, South Korea that came into operation in 2015, and have been providing consulting engineering services in international radioactive waste projects in 20 countries.

“There are big differences in how different countries manage the disposal of radioactive waste types, but one common approach is that it is safer to build these disposal facilities underground.” says Timo Saanio, Vice President – International Operations at AINS Group.

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A-Insinöörien Timo Saanio

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