Structural engineering and component design

    A-Insinöörit, Timo Leppänen
    Åf-Consult Oy and Jyväskylän Voima Oy

Keljonlahti Power Plant

2007-2010, Jyväskylä, Finland

The modern power plant fuelled by peat and biofuels was completed in the Keljonlahti area of Jyväskylä in the spring of 2010. The power plant generates district heating and electricity. In terms of its technology, the ecologically effective the power plant, built to respect its immediate surroundings, complies with the environmental criteria of the future. For example, flue gases are scrubbed with electrical filters, and the excess heat them is recovered in the preheating of feed water before the flue gasses are led to the 140 metre-high chimney.

A-Insinöörit has implemented the power station’s structural engineering and prefabricated component design. The diversified planning entity included a turbine hall, fuel receiving, railway car unloading, boiler plant, flue gas fan room, electric precipitator (ESP) area’s concrete construction, heat recovery building, office and control room building, water treatment and electrical building, chimney foundations as well as retaining walls, drainage channels, walls subject to loading from earth, and other similar concrete construction.